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A spiral staircases glossary: part 2

by on April 24, 2013

spiral staircasesIn this post we present the second part of the brief glossary on spiral staircases:

Diameter of the staircase round plan, or the side of the ladder square: represent the dimensions of the architectural scale.

Periphery: it is the exploitable part for the insertion of a step, and in particular by the helpful radius or useful tread, which is the effective area of ​​transition between the central axis of the inner and outer handrail.

Step: in the spiral staircases it is the distance in height between two homologous points, and that should never be less than 2 m.

Right-handed snails or clock-wise: if the nut is right hand it turns to right and up and rests its left hand on the handrail; the nut has a left-hand or anti-clockwise if it turns to the left going up and rests his right hand on the handrail.

In the next articles, more details on the structure and varieties of spiral staircases. Stay tuned!


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