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A spiral staircases glossary: part 1

by on April 24, 2013

spiral staircasesA brief glossary on spiral staircases, for all the for all fans of this element of architecture, which is useful and elegant at the same time.

Central axis or column or stem: it is a vertical, metal or wood element, placed in the center of the nut; it represents the main support for the whole spiral staircase, and when present (not present in some quare spiral staircases amodels), the stairs are placed around it.

Spacers: hollow, generally cylindrical, used to separate steps in height, which constitute the risers of the spiral staircases.

Base plate: it is placed at the base of the central axis, and has the purpose to fasten to the floor of departure and support the weight of the scale. A spiral staircase is always a ladder resting, whose entire weight rests on the floor of departure.

Landing or landing step: its form is always different from everyone else, because usually in the lead nut is accessed through the radius and exit through the side or the circle.

Spiral staircases with round or square plant: it is round if the scale is inscribed in a circle, square if the spiral staircase is enclosed in a square.

In the next post, part 2 of this brief glossary on spiral staircases.


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